Carolyn Côté

Author-Picture_CoteCarolyn Côté is the co-founder of Two Trees Ministries with her husband, Tim. They have four grown children and five grandchildren. “My love for the Body of Christ could persuade me to prepare snack foods or sweets but age and experience have left their mark and I know better. His Body needs meat to become perfect, established, strengthened and settled. Though waiting for the Bridegroom can seem long, my books will give you spiritual food needed to endure while His glory is being revealed in you.”
In addition to her first book, Two Trees Revealed, Carolyn has also been published twice in the serial, Cup of Comfort.

John Wright Follette

Author-Picture_FolletteAt the end of his long and fruitful life, John Wright Follette’s relationship with the Lord was exceptional and his grasp on Christian truth was extraordinary. He truly walked with God. Raised in a conservative Methodist home, he became an important teacher in the new Pentecostal movement of the early 20th Century. He saw it all and when things didn’t add up, he sought the Lord.

Follette distinguished himself from the average Pentecostal of his time by calling out those who sought the manifestations of the Holy Spirit for their own purposes. Though he was at times labelled as anti-Pentecostal, he was undeterred in his exhortations against only the inauthentic, flesh-driven expressions that others embraced. As relevant as ever, Follette blazes that narrow trail through his legacy of written and recorded messages.

John MacNeil

Author-Picture_MacNeilJohn MacNeil was born October 19, 1854 in Scotland. His family attended the Free Church which had seceded from the Church of Scotland in 1843. In 1860, the MacNeil family including John and his younger brother moved to Ballarat, Victoria in Australia where John’s father worked constructing railroads. John too took up this vocation until he felt the call to ministry. He described his spiritual awakening as slow and gentle until an experience while he sat in the back of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Melbourne opened his eyes. In 1871, he left for university in Melbourne and supported his studies with railroad work until 1876 when he travelled to Scotland to complete his theological studies. In 1879, he returned to the dry air of Australia for health reasons and to begin his ministry.

For the next four years, John travelled as an evangelist holding meetings all over Southern Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. It was during this time that he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which became a vital focus of his ministry going forward. Prayer meetings led to a Keswick style convention which he held with George Grubb in Geelong.

In 1883, John met Hannah Thomas at a meeting he was holding in Golden Square, Bendigo. In April, 1884, they were married and over the next eleven years they had five children. In 1894, John published, The Spirit-Filled Life which sold out in four months. In 1896, John was at the end of another long campaign in Brisbane when he collapsed and died in a portmanteau shop. Hannah received the news through a friend who had been notified by telegram. Hannah’s biography of her husband’s ministry was published the following year.