Welcome to Two Trees Ministries!

We are so honored you stopped by. Please, have a seat for a few minutes under the shade of the Tree of Life and let the breeze of the Holy Spirit cool your brow.

Christian, are you hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Disillusioned? Burned-out? You’re not alone. Many Christian pilgrims have walked similar paths ahead of you, including us!

Founded in 2009 by Tim and Carolyn Côté, Two Trees Ministries is designed to be a place of comfort and refreshing for God’s toiling Beloved. Our printed, digital and audio format material is chosen carefully to bring Life. Visit the “Resources” page to find resources purposed to establish you in Christ, the Tree of Life, so that “rooted and built up in Him,” you can experience “abundant life.” Colossians 2:7 and John 10:10

Also, visit our “Blog” tab for a bit of unlearning. Yes, unlearning. That “other” tree, the knowledge of good and evil, is not a tree to sit under. Its dictatorial, lying language has, through Christ, lost its power to direct you. Now, the voice of Christ’s Holy Spirit is all you need to hear and obey. Enter into Christ’s yoke and you will find rest to your soul.